We’re creating realities to reshape the education landscape of South Africa and be a classroom favourite of all students.

Augmented Ambition

Showing is better than telling because what we see is easier to believe than what we hear or read. We are driven to inspire ambition through visual demonstration.

Teaching Transformation

Technological progress is a never-ending cycle of transformation and recreation. We ensure that such radical changes to the world give primary focus to the most important priority - social reformation.

Virtual Vibrations

The domino effect doesn’t only exist in the physical world, we value the difference a single student can make on an entire community and what that community can do for South Africa.

Immersive Experience

Immerse your students in any science experiment with multi-sensory experiences such look and feel the scientific effects.

VISAR App for High School Learners

VISAR is an app that assist learners to visualise and interact with abstract subjects such as

Complex mathematical fomulars and underlying processes and machenism behind Physical Sciences, particularly chemistry.

Our App is designed to be relevant with south african CAPS curriculum, specifically aimed at high school learners.



Dumisani Ncubeni

Founder and CEO

Dumisani Ncubeni is alumni in BssC in Anthropology and Environmental Studies  from UCT .He is also serving as content developer and 3D modeling of VISAR Labs

"Inteligence doesn't exist, and if it does it is governed by one's proximity to information"

Mikael Samuelsson

Angel Investor and Chairperson

Associate Professor Mikael Samuelsson has been involved in award winning research, consultancy work and training of entrepreneurs since 1998. Mikael is an Angel investor and chairperson. He also serving as a business mentor of VISAR Labs

Thomas Fihla

Co-Founder and CTO

Thomas Fihla holds a MSc. In Information Technology & Computer Science. Thomas has been working as as an IT practitioner, lecture and system analysts since 2005 He also serves as a Software engineer of VISAR Labs


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09 Portswood Rd, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

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Email : info@visar.co.za